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Dear friends, the history of our application is unusual. About a year ago my friends and I were doing freelance work, writing custom websites, online stores and applications for server analysis. For some customers we did the work related to the tests of their systems and applications for vulnerabilities, everything was going very well and we began to think about expanding and creating our own business with the help of new experts. But one day, and this day can not be called good, Victor noticed a strange behavior of his laptop. The machine began to run slower, the cooler began to run more often, some programs began to hang. After a while, literally an hour later everything checked itself. This behavior upset us as specialists and we started to look for the cause of this phenomenon. Having fully studied Victor’s laptop we did not find anything unusual and we forgot about this fact.


In our work we have to cooperate with different companies and specialists, including representatives of some hacker brigades. Now the continuation. After about 2 weeks we were contacted by a person who we knew as a criminal programmer. He told us the awful news-ALL of Victor’s PERSONAL DATA together with his photos, bank papers, social papers (and many other interesting things) had been offered for sale on one of the Russian shady Internet resources!!!! It was a complete shock!!! We, who know what is security and privacy fell into the trap of the Russian hackers who managed to get all the data from his e-mail addresses and personal folders on his laptop. I repeat: everything of the slightest interest to them was downloaded from the laptop and we did not even realize it. Naturally, we quickly bought it all back and no one was able to use the information.


Having urgently completed all the projects, we began to search for a solution to the problem that had arisen. We collected and systematized all available information. Completely immersed in the situation we dreaded the results! Russian hackers had been living in our homes for a long time! They are scanning our computers! They steal our data! They sell them on darkmarkets by the packs! They have access to our banks and government offices! And all of this has been going on for years! But lately a new type of attack is actively developing. And it is against it that we created our Anti-Hacker Project.


Friends and now we are pleased to present to you our Anti-Hacker Project. Ordinary attacks can be repelled by obligatory anti-viruses. They do their job better or worse. But they are useless against this new kind of attack.
We have been working for over a year and now we can see the results. Our Anti-Hacker Project is a concentrate of unique technologies running on your device 24 hours a day. A multi-level security system is tuned so that if a hacker gets into your device in some incredible way, he will never manage to download the information he needs! The Anti-Hacker Project sees that it is not you at the neural network level and simply blocks all unauthorized actions. Our project does not conflict with other applications and also does not load the system.

To get great protection,

you just need to buy the Anti-Hacker Project

for 30.99 forever and feel safe

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